The default namespace for controller is App\HttpController , and the controller is manager by a pool, each __construct function for controller will be call only once at its lifecycle.

Controller Extends

Each Controller must extends EasySwoole\Http\AbstractInterface\Controller ,the default function list:

  • index()

    the default for a controller. for example ,request path is /test/index.html or /test and that exist Test controller .then index action match.

  • actionNotFound(?string $action)

    for example ,request path is /test/index.html and that exist Test controller,the match action is hello,but if you dont have a public function which name hello in your controller,then actionNotFount match

  • onRequest(?string $action):bool

    call before each action .and if you return false means dont exec the continue action

  • afterAction(?string $actionName)

    call after each action(include action not found)

  • onException(\Throwable $throwable)

    call when exception occur in you request action

  • getActionName():?string

    get the current match action name

  • gc()

    call when your controller is return to controller pool

  • request()

    get current psr-7 http request instance

  • response()

    get current psr-7 http response instance

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