EasySwoole is a memory based PHP framework ,which is base on Swoole. EasySwoole is specially designed for API, and eliminates the performance penalty associated with traditional PHP running patterns in process arousal and file loading. And EasySwoole encapsulates Swoole but still keep all the characteristic of Swoole,so that developers can write multi process, asynchronous, highly available application services with minimal learning cost and effort.

The store of swoole and author

In the early of 2015, in order to achieve a multi-process and real-time control crawler with PHP, I started the research of swoole and used it to implement the crawler。I find that Swoole is so convenient and efficient ,what's more , Swoole helps me to achieve a lot of function which is impossible if you use PHP before. So to improve that PHP is the best language in the world and make everyone benefit from Swoole easily, I wrote EasySwoole and published it for you .

Efficient Develop

The extremely streamlined MC design pattern, without any extra burden

Height Concurrency

Support concurrent millions of TCP connections,12000 Qps in the ab base test


Support WEB SOCKET, TCP, UDP and mixed protocols and cross protocol communication

Async Task

Use custom asynchronous tasks in service, makes heavy and time-consuming tasks async process in server to improve API response speed

T Millisecond Timer

Support loop timers and delay timers without crontab

EEvent Loop/Process

Supports adding custom events, or Process in to server event/process schedule

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